Understanding Calvinism: Unconditional Election

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Unconditional Election (Predestination) is the heart and foundation of Calvinism. However, it is often misunderstood or misrepresented by its opponents. This particular post was inspired by reading Curtis Hutson’s pamphlet Why I Disagree with All Five Point of Calvinism.[1] Though I agree with the title, I found that Hutson did not understand what he was attacking. If we are to adequately deal with Calvinism, we must understand the positions. There are few things more dangerous than teaching an incorrect version of false doctrine. Many Christians have gone over to Calvinism because they were taught a straw-man version of it. Upon encountering the real thing, they were ill-equipped to understand or defend against it. According to Reformed theology, God ordained the salvation of certain people from eternity. In other words, before time and creation, God had chosen those sinners he would save from wrath. This decision was not based on…

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The punishment of the non-elect was not the ultimate end of their creation, but the glory of God

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Chapter IV


FROM what has been said in the preceding chapter concerning the election of some, it would unavoidably follow, even supposing the Scriptures had been silent about it, that there must be a rejection of others, as every choice does, most evidently and necessarily, imply a refusal, for where there is no leaving out there can be no choice. But beside the testimony of reason, the Divine Word is full and express to our purpose; it frequently, and in terms too clear to be misunderstood, and too strong to be evaded by any who are not proof against the most cogent evidence, attests this tremendous truth, that some are “of old fore-ordained to condemnation.” I shall, in the discussion of this awful subject, follow the method hitherto observed, and throw what I have to say into several distinct positions supported…

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